1.3.1)- Basic course on personal defence

The goal of this course is to provide basic knowledge and skills related to personal defence, understood in broad terms. the concept is in reality more ample than just notions about the use of weapons or door locks. A good comprehension of the issue thanks to varied lessons related to different topics, will lead you to a better capability to solve defence problems. the course is ideal as a vehicle to provide notions of this topic as well as to serve as basis for future training. Span: 20 lessons. Fees: see the corresponding schedule. Methodology: distance learning course. See the corresponding terms and conditions section for more information on this issue. Requisites: none for the theoretical section of the course. Field practice requires approbation of the theoretical part of the course. Certificates: after being approved by your instructor on all theoretical lessons, you will receive a certificate. After finishing the whole course, you will receive a diploma. Required bibliography: see the corresponding section. Schedule of lessons: An introduction to personal defence. Possible and plausible threats. Sun Tzu readings (I). Sun Tzu readings (II). Macchiavelli readings (I). Macchiavelli readings (II). Introduction to non-lethal defence. Introduction to lethal defence. Introduction to firearms. Combat survival. Precision shooting. Attack and defence. Tactics, strategy and logistics. Individual and home defence. Guerrilla, crime and terrorism. Riots, mutinies and revolutions. Precautions regarding firearms. Gun care. How to avoid inciting violence. Legitimate self-defence versus the abuse of force. Sign in: see the corresponding form. Further questions: visit our catalogue of courses or contact us directly. Discounts and payment plans: see the corresponding section.

Combat exercises.
Learning to use revolvers.


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