1.2.1)- Basic applied technology course

In a way, explorers are individuals who take civilisation with them to strange realms. They have to build shelters, bridges and tools, and also perform agricultural and mechanical work. They must understand mechanics and the technology behind their vehicles and gear, like GPS systems, telemeters, photo and video cameras, etc. and the goal of this course is precisely to teach the basics about those things. Each lesson of this course deals with the proper theoretical framework corresponding to its topic, but also with useful tips, repair techniques as well as improvisation of most items with whatever may be available. Span: 20 lessons. Fees: see the corresponding schedule. Methodology: distance learning course. See the corresponding terms and conditions section for more information on this issue. Requisites: none for the theoretical section of the course. Field practice requires approbation of the theoretical part of the course. Certificates: after being approved by your instructor on all theoretical lessons, you will receive a certificate. After finishing the whole course, you will receive a diploma. Required bibliography: see the corresponding section. Schedule of lessons: An introduction to applied technology. Improvising your gear or equipment (I). Improvising your gear or equipment (II). How does your equipment work. Adhesives. Combustibles and explosives. Knots and ropes. Traps. Weapons. Vehicles. Clothing. Energy Sources. Precious metals, stones, fossils and other findings. The technology of past civilisations. Constructions. Communication systems. Plastics and metals. Simple electronics. The logic behind problem-solving methods. The scientific method and technology. Sign in: see the corresponding form. Further questions: visit our catalogue of courses or contact us directly. Discounts and payment plans: see the corresponding section.

Los Rizos III, a stone shelter in Patagonia.
We begin with the basics of applied, prehistoric engineering.
Los Rizos II base here shown while its 1m wide walls were still
being erected during the short patagonian summer.


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