3.5.3)- Bibliography for personal defence courses

'The Art of War: A New Translation', Sun-Tzu, 2001, Shambhala Publications, ISBN 1570625522.

A new edition of a seminal book in the field of strategy. With its 3.500 years, this book continues to be as valid today as when it was written by this Chinese General.

'The Prince', Niccolo Machiavelli, University of Chicago Press, 1998, ISBN 0226500438.

This is an indispensable book written by the father of modern political science. Contrary to common belief, Machiavelli was no adept to despotism. in fact, he was a republican opposed to autocrats, and this is easy to see both in 'The Prince' as well as in other works that he wrote, such as the 'Discourses.' He was persecuted by political enemies as well as the Church, and his books found their way to more than one black list. A total confusion on his work for many centuries, aided by the stigma imposed on him transformed his name into a synonym for cunning, albeit this is a false and unjust title. You just have to read this book to find out why.

'De Clausewitz a Mao Tse-Tung', Gen. Alberto Marini, Pleamar, 1981.

This is a brief but very interesting book on the nature of war from a philosophical point of view. This work states that warfare should be understood in strategic terms as just one unity, albeit it may seem as different manifestations, and it deals extensively - and explains - some topics of continued interest in the modern world such as terrorism and revolutionary war. A highly appreciated book within the military community, it has received praise by people such as Field Marshall Von Manstein, Secretary Robert Mc. Namara and General Felix Steiner.

'Knife Self-Defence for Combat (Special Forces/Ranger-Udt/Seal Hand-To-Hand Combat/Special Weapons/Special Tactics Series)', Michael D. Echanis, Black Belt Communications Inc, 1989, ISBN 0897500229.

A good book on close quarter and hand-to-hand combat for self protection.

The Military and Police Sniper: Advanced Precision Shooting for Combat and Law Enforcement', ISBN 1931220026.

Snipers are the most dangerous and effective combatants in any battlefield. This manual deals with their training and tactical deployment from the point of view of law enforcment and military perspectives.

Special Forces Guerrilla Warfare Manual', Scott Wimberley, Paladin Press, 2000 ISBN 0873649214.

A good general-purpose manual for combat training under typical guerrilla warfare doctrine.

On War', Carl Von Clausewitz, Peter Paret (Editor), Michael Eliot Howard, Carl Von Clausewitz, Michael C. Howard (Editor); Princeton Univ Press, 1976, ISBN 0691056579.

The most complete intellectual attempt in western political and military philosophy to explain war as part of the policies of a state.

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