3.5.2)- Bibliography for applied technology courses

'The Illustrated Encylopedia of Minerals & Rocks', Dr. J. Kourimsky, Chartwell Books Inc., 1993, ISBN 1-55521-877-6.

Originally written in Slovak and translated to English. It is a mineralogy book of easy comprehension for all kinds of public. It contains very useful information about different minerals and rocks, which can become indispensable both in construction as well as gemology.

'Minerals & Gemstones of the World', G. Brocardo, Davis & Charles, 1994, ISBN 0-7153-0197-7.

The original book was written in Italian, but has been translated. A pocket manual on mineralogy and gemology. Can be transported with ease on expeditions, particularly when you are looking for gold or other precious materials.

'Vertebrate Palaeontology', Michael J. Benton, Unwin Hyman, 1990, ISBN 0-04-566001-8.

A very good book on vertebrate palaeontology. If you trek into areas where vertebrate fossils are to be found, this book is for you. We use it as a general reference.

'Fossils, the Key to the Past', Richard Fortey, Harvard University Press, 1991, ISBN 0-674-31135-3.

A very amenable introduction to palaeontology in all its categories. Includes methods and tips for finding, extracting and treating fossils.

'The Viking World', James Graham Campbell, Frances Lincoln Limited, 1989, ISBN 0-7112-0571-X.

An interesting depiction of the Norse society. of particular interest are the descriptions of their tooling, ships and construction methods.

'Ancient Inventions', Peter James & Nick Thorpe, Ballantine Books, 1994, ISBN 0-345-40102-6.

A top-notch book which describes curious and ancient technologies used in a variety of past civilisations for constructing buildings, surgery, cooking, weaponry, etc. You will learn how to make Roman-style hamburgers, door locks, snow goggles, clocks, and even hand grenades and batteries.

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A cabin built by just one person with primitive tooling.
A cabin built by just one person with primitive tooling.


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