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Outdoor Dictionary: Mercator Projection

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Mercator Projection - The Mercator projections is of the cylindrical type and is widely used despite that its creator, Gerhard Mercator, did the job during the sixteenth century. It is a testament to the quality of his work that his cartographic projection has found so many uses. It is a conformal, non-perspective projection characterised for the equal rate of expansion between parallels and meridians in all directions; this ratio is proportional to the secant of the latitude of any given point of the celestial body projected (assuming it is an ideal sphere, otherwise, corrections are needed.) The two main disadvantages of this projection are that it is unusable near the poles, on top of the 80th parallel, and because the measurement of long distances with high precision is rather difficult.

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Origin of the term - Navigation, cartography.

Phonetics - This term is phonetically described or pronounced as: Literal.

Synonyms - Related words or with the same meaning: cylindrical projection, maps, charts, great circle, rhumb.

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