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Outdoor Dictionary: Barth, Heinrich

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Barth, Heinrich - Heinrich Barth (1821-1865) was a German archaeologist, historian, lawyer and geographer that took part of the second expedition of James Richardson to the sahara desert (1850); after the death of all his comrades he continued the mission on his own, reaching Timbuktu and returning safely to Tripoli. In his way back to civilisation he crossed paths with E. Vogel, another explorer sent by the British to rescue them since there had been no contact with the Richardson expedition for years. They planned the return across the Sahara together but Vogel was tragically murdered before the attempt to cross the desert was made. Barth returned to Europe after five years on his own; he collected an enormous quantity of highly valuable scientific data and made the first precise and trustworthy maps of the continent. When he returned to England, where he lived, he had been long been presumed dead.

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Origin of the term - Germany.

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Synonyms - Related words or with the same meaning: richardson, vogel, overweg, timbuktu, tripoli.

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