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Outdoor Dictionary: Spuercosmos

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Spuercosmos - Since M theory defines a universe of eleven dimensions (ten spatial and one temporal), and F theory defines twelve (ten spatial and two temporal), most of them lying in hyperspace, and due to the fact that M theory allows for alignments of quark that are not atomic by nature, in the real of cosmology is believed that our universe is like a bubble floating freely in a space where other universes float as well. The three spatial and one temporal dimensions in which we live constitute a section of our universe that it is like the surface of the bubble, and everything within it is defined as hyperspace.

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Origin of the term - Physics.

Phonetics - This term is phonetically described or pronounced as: Literal.

Synonyms - Related words or with the same meaning: m theory, f theory, superstring, megaverse, multiverse.

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