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Outdoor Dictionary: Perlante

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Perlante - In outdoor activities it refers to an artificial material which is created in order to avoid getting wet due to semipermeable or partially permeable membranes. The term refers to the little raindrops, which look like "pearls", that are formed and that slide on a semipermeable membrane without getting into the inside. This is the case as long as the material is not saturated and we need to differentiate it to the term "waterproof" because, strictly spoken, it is not water-resistant. A permeable membrane is designed so that it doesn’t allow the water to pass whereas at the same time perspiration is faciliated. This phenomenon can only be effective up to a certain level, because everything has a specific point of saturation at which it imbues or drenches. The point of saturation of the "repellent" membrane is measured with an example taken from a water head.

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Origin of the term - Spanish.

Phonetics - This term is phonetically described or pronounced as: Literal.

Synonyms - Related words or with the same meaning: repellent, Gore-tex, Windstopper, water-resistant, breathable.

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