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Outdoor Dictionary: Mountaineering

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Mountaineering - Outdoor activity and / or sport that consists of traversing mountainous regions or try to climb mountains in order reach the summit. Joint technical skills or physical and intellectual skills that pursue mountain climbing safely and efficiently. Mountaineering can be practiced while doing hiking, trekking, camping, hiking, survival sports, climbing, ski mountaineering, expeditions of exploration or other mountain activities.

Certain sports activities developed in the mountains are considered by some as part of the same mountaineering or specialties, while others dismiss them as such and framed within independent outdoor sports, either because their goal is not recreational, but competitive or because to be practiced not necessarily imply a mountain environment or specific knowledge to manage in that environment. These activities include mountain races (duathlon, half marathon, marathon), canyoning or certain forms of skiing and snow sliding sports.

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Synonyms - Related words or with the same meaning: Climbing, mountain, winter sports, extreme sports, outdoor activities.

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