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Would you like to tell the world about your last expedition, your cause or your research projects? If you do so and it is related to outdoor activities, the environment, travel or anything related to that, Andinia might publish an article of yours. has an extensive directory of articles with thousands of articles from people like you who want to share their experiences in outdoor activities as well as all related disciplines.

We want reasonably well-written, original works with a minimum of 500 words each and informative content (no blatant advertising, please); we publish all our information mainly in English, Portuguese and Spanish, but may accept stories written in other languagesas well, with or without pictures.

We invite everyone to submit his or her notes: professional explorers, athletes, journalists, researchers as well as anyone wanting to express any opinion, as long as laws and the rights of others are respected.

Also please remember that you should be the author of the text; it is impossible for us to verify that everyone complies with copyright laws, so by sending us an article you assume all responsibility for its content.

Andinia gives full credit for each article to its authors, and provides links to the author's website(s) and email accounts, which means that by getting one of your writings published, you will get a free listing on our database.

We offer other inclusion options; that is, there are other ways to add your site to our database. However, in order to avoid receiving tons of unusable requests, we have implemented some low but effective fees to do that in all cases except when authors submit us content for publication. It is one of our goals to stimulate the production of quality Internet content.

Moreover: our database is even queried directly by all major search engines, so you will also appear on their listings. If you want more information about this, check our stats and traffic information page.

The only condition is that - if published - you should put a link on your website pointing to each one of your articles located at our server; this will significantly increase the ranking of your pages during indexing and search queries; you will find some banners for your links here.

For example, if an article of yours is published at, you should create a link at your website pointing to this page; this will certainly enhance your credibility as an author.

For more information, just contact our editor or send us your text, URL and any other information that you may want to add to

Important: Don't use this address to send spam; most is automatically deleted, nobody reads it here and we may take further action against any user, address or site originating it.

In search for fossils at Cerro Plataforma, Patagonia.
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