Western Philosophy - Recommended bibliography

I) - Ancient Philosophy (click here)

- Anaximander

- Anaximenes

- Aristotles

- Heraclitus

- Parmenides

- Plato

- Tales

II) - Medieval Philosophy (click here)

- Abelard, Peter / Abailard, Pierre

- Boecio

- St Agustine

- St Thomas Aquina

III) - Modern Philosophy (click here)

- Descartes, Rene

- Hobbes, Thomas

- Hume, David

- Kant, Immanuel

- Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm

- Locke, John 

- Rousseau, Jean-Jacques

- Spinoza, Benedictus

IV) - Contemporary Philosophy (click here)

- CiorŠn, E.M.

- Nierzsche, Fredrich Wilhelm

V) - Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Logic and others philosophies (click here)

- Carnap, Rudolf

- Davidson, Donald

- Dummett. Michael A. E.

- Dennett, Daniel Clement

- Fregue, Gottlob

- Feyerabend, Paul K.

- Platts, Mark De Bretton

- Putman, Hilary

- Quine, Willard Van Orman

- Ramsey, Frank Plumpton

- Russell, Bertrand A.

- Tarski, Alfred

- Wittgenstein, Ludwig

VI) - Dictionaries of Philosophy (click here)

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You will find bibliography on Eastern philosophy here.

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