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Building a quinzhee igloo - Gallery of pictures showing how to construct a makeshift igloo (quinzhee or quinzee) with snow accumulation.

From the mountain pass of Cotos to Loma del Noruego and Peña del Águila - Snowshoe excursion to climb the Loma del Noruego (1991 meters) and Peña del Águila (2004 meters) from the moutain pass of Cotos or El Paular (1889 meters), in the Sierra de Guadarrama (Sistema Central, Madrid, Spain) within the Regional Park Peñalara, and return to the starting point (circular route).

Skiing in the Aragonese Pyrenees - Photo gallery depicting an output of downhill skiing in the Cerler ski resort, named for being near the town of Cerler, belonging to the Municipality of Benasque, Huesca in the Pyrenees (Spain).

Camino Schmid in winter - Photo Gallery for a way out hiking or trekking in Camino Schmid in winter, from Puerto de Navacerrada to Las Dehesas (Fuenfría Valley).


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