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Flowers of cactus - Here is a cactus flower, almost certainly a Echinopsis eyriesii (also known as Echinocactus eyriesii, Cereus eyriesii, Cereus turbinatus, Echinopsis turbinata or Echinopsis pudantii).

Ecosafari - Originally meant by safari hunting expeditions being done in Africa, but today that term is used especially for expeditions to observe and photograph animals and other wildlife, in this case pictures of fauna and flora to be found in parks of Madrid.

Collection of minerals and fossils - Collection of mineral specimens and fossils.

The tramcar in the city of Parla - The tram is one of the urban transport greener there.

Nature reserves or natural preserves - Photos about sites classified as nature reserves, natural reserves, nature preserves or natural preserves with the aim of conserving their nature, including protected areas such as forest reserves, national parks, conservation refugee or biosphere reserves.


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