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Castelo Novo, historic town - Geopark Naturtejo - These photos show a city tour by the town of Castelo Novo (Portugal).

Egitania Route - Geopark Naturtejo - Patones natural heritage and unique place to practice sports and the outdoor activities: rock climbing, mountaineering and trekking.

Route of Fossils - Geopark Naturtejo - In the village of Penha Garcia runs the so-called Fossils Route, a circular path, short-stroke type (PR3 3 km) of historical, archaeological and, especially, palaeontological (since there is the Ichnological Park Penha Garcia) that we will see in this photo gallery.

Monsanto, stone and people - Geopark Naturtejo - Urban itinerary of the historic portuguese town of Monsanto, is what we show in this photo gallery.

Egypt wonderland - Photo Gallery of Egypt, one of the countries of the Middle East African tourist destination, while one of the world's greatest attractions for archeology and anthropology, as it continues to investigate and explore new fields now.

The Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and of Military History - The Museum not only house weapons, uniforms, planes, ships and tanks but also presents a walth of paintings, sculptures and miniatures. The collection tells the story of soldiers and sailors and shows the evolution in military techniques from mediaeval armour over the two world wars to present-day camouflage suit.

Museum of Aeronautics and Astronautics Spanish - Gallery of photos taken at the Museum of Aeronautics and Astronautics Spanish, where you can admire the most remarkable collections of each of its hangars and areas.

Travelling thorough Egypt - Travelling thorough Egypt and getting to know some of the most important archaeological sites: they pyramids, the temples, relics, treasures and Egyptian culture in Cairo, in the middle of the desert.


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