Global Warming As Seen On A Glacier / Author: Pablo Edronkin

Some pictures that show a real effect of global warming on a glacier over a couple of decades; the Morrudo glacier between 1984 and 2002.

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1984-01A-04.jpg - A view of the glacier of Mount Morrudo in 1984; the walls of ice are clearly visible across the lake.

1995-01B-02A.jpg - Climbing thorough Mount Morrudo Glacier in 1995.

1995-01B-04A.jpg - Mount Aguja Norte as seem from the Morrudo glacier during the summer of 1995.

1995-01B-07A.jpg - Crevasses began to appear where they have never been on the glacier.

1998-02A-21.jpg - A view of Mount Roca del Tiempo, right to the north of Mount Morrudo, showing also a remarkable shrinking of its snowfields and its glacier.

1998-02A-31.jpg - Mount Morrudo and its SE neighbours, in 1998.

1998-02B-15.jpg - An overall view of the glacier and snowfields of Mount Morrudo, in 1998.

1998-02B-14.jpg - Looking to the southeast the panorama was not better for the snow and ice of Mount Morrudo, in 1998.

1998-02B-24.jpg - The lake on the lowest side of the Morrudo glacier, in 1998.

1998-02B-25.jpg - Naked rocks around the lake of tears, on the SE side of Mount Morrudo, 1998.

1998-02B-26.jpg - A panoramic view to the north of the lake of tears, 1998.

1998-02C-04.jpg - In some areas of Mount Morrudo, in 1998 spots of melting glacier, disconnected from the main body could be seen complete with crevasses.

2000-01B-08.jpg - In this picture, taken during the year 2000, the east side of Mount Morrudo, almost devoid of a glacier, can be seen.

2000-01B-12.jpg - A camp near the base of Mount Morrudo, in 2000.

2000-01C-09.jpg - In this are awe used to go skiing, even during the summer.

2001-01B-34.jpg - In 2001 we saw the first positive aggregation of snow in the area around Mount Morrudo in almost two decades.

2002-01A-35.jpg - A view of the east side of Mount Morrudo, 2002.

2002-01B-03F.jpg - The total disappearance of the large ice walls that surrounded the lake that exists below the Morrudo glacier back in 1984 is clearly noticeable.

2002-01B-12.jpg - The lake of tears in 2002.

2002-01B-12F.jpg - Naked rocks that a few years before were under the ice.

2002-01B-13.jpg - Marching over to the pass that allows explorers to cross the Morrudo glacier in 2002. Almost all traces of ice and snow have vanished.

2002-01B-13F.jpg - A view from the lake of tears pointing to the part of the glacier that remains in better shape.

2002-01B-21.jpg - Beginning to cross the glacier; Don Pablo Edronkin, secured by means of a rope, probes the surface of the Morrudo glacier for hidden crevasses.

2002-01B-18.jpg - Probing over the surface of the glacier goes on.


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