Gallery 10001 - Cessna C-182

Some pictures related to the Cessna C-182 LV-HUH from the El Bolson Flying Club.

in order to access it quickly and conveniently in the future: the index has several thousand pictures, so you may take your time to visit it.

2003-01E-90.jpg - View from the pilot side, up front.

2003-01E-91.jpg - The instrument panel.

2003-01E-92.jpg - Federico Ferrero and Gustavo Sakuda, two passengers in a small, general aviation aeroplane.

2003-01E-93.jpg - Pablo Edronkin as co-pilot of LV-HUH shortly before takeoff.

2003-01E-94.jpg - An aerial view of Mount Piltriquitron shortly after takeoff.


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