Gallery 10002 - GEA Expedition 2003

Photos taken in 2003 of gear and equipment used by real explorers, that may give you some inspiration and ideas for your own adventures.

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2003-01A-46.jpg - In the photo (if you look closely, on my stomach) looks like I have my hands covered with "tree beard" to protect myself from horseflies.

2003-01A-65.jpg - One two three four five six seven eight...and those are just the horseflies that are perched and in the picture...imagine that was flying...flies density was such that we had to modify our schedule place to walk at times of day when you do less heat, and therefore have less horseflies.

2003-01B-26.jpg - Here you have an example of how ponchos, combined with rocks, can serve to protect your mountain gear as well as act as a shelter for you.

2003-01B-29.jpg - The Gauchos do this all the time, albeit they are alone: here you can see a poncho shelter for three people and their backpacks.

2003-01C-48.jpg - A stash or cache of food wrapped in a poncho, after a couple of years in hiding.

2003-01C-76.jpg - This is one of the commonest ways to use skiing boards as improvised survival equipment.

2003-01D-88.jpg - After snow falls, you may have a difficult time finding your gear, so place everything inside your tent or shelter, if possible.


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