Gallery 10005 - Nanotyrannus 2.0

Diverse pictures showing Nanotyrannus 2.0 assault weapons in use.

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1995-01A-08.jpg - Diverse pictures showing Nanotyrannus 2.0 assault weapons in use.

1995-01A-11.jpg - Two shooters showing diverse aiming positions with their Nanotyrannus 2.0.

1995-01A-12.jpg - Two shooters using their Nanotyrannus 2.0 while kneeling in different ways and using a couple of trees as protection.

1995-01A-13.jpg - This image shows how a patrol or detachment should cover all the exposed flanks; they are using Nanotyrannus 2.0.

1995-01A-14.jpg - While you move frontally or directly towards or away from an adversary, it is wise to hide the intentions of your detachment as web as the number of people composing it.

1995-01A-15.jpg - Combat detachments as web as almost any group of people confronting any sort of hazard should be managed in such a way as to sep distance between each one if its members in order to reduce the risk of having some sort of problem affecting one member passing unto others.

1995-01A-17.jpg - Jumping an obstacle while carrying a Nanotyrannus 2.0; notice that the weapon is kept aimed forwards.

1995-01A-18.jpg - A jump carrying a Nanotyrannus 2.0.

1995-01A-09.jpg - A shooter hiding behind a tree and carrying a Nanotyrannus 2.0; its rather unconventional form helps achieving a good camouflage effect.

1995-01A-10.jpg - A soldier looking away from the camera is observing the area thorough a log fence.

1995-01B-11A.jpg - A Nanotyrannus 2.0 is hidden in the area covered by this picture.

1995-01B-12A.jpg - The Nanotyrannus is a weapon designed to easily allow for activities like the one depicted here.


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