Gallery 10006 - Handgun Usage

Shooting postures and positions for handgun use.

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1995-01D-05A.jpg - In this picture Emiliano Paredes shows the awareness or alert posture right before taking out a handgun from its holster.

1995-01D-06A.jpg - Shooting while standing, using both hands to grasp the gun, balancing the weight of the body evenly with both legs and aiming straight ahead.

1995-01D-07A.jpg - Kneeling position, grabbing the gun with both hands.

1995-01D-08A.jpg - Shooting a handgun while laying on the ground.

1995-01D-11A.jpg - Instinctive shooting position, standing and using a handgun.

1995-01D-12A.jpg - Shooting a handgun while crouching, front view.

1995-01D-13A.jpg - Shooting a handgun while crouching, front view.

1995-01D-15A.jpg - Advancing while shooting or with the handgun ready to fire.

1995-01D-16A.jpg - Advancing in a heightened state of alert with the handgun in a safe position.

1995-01D-09A.jpg - A detailed view showing how to grasp a handgun with both hands for shooting.

1995-01D-10A.jpg - Falling back at the same time that you shoot on instinctive mode can improve your odds of surviving a fire fight and can take any adversary by surprise.

1995-01D-14A.jpg - Marching over an obstacle while keeping the adversary pinned down with a gun.

1995-01D-17A.jpg - You will not be able to adopt perfect shooting postures all the time, but you will have to adapt and improvise.


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