Gallery 10008 - Cooking Over A Fire

Images that show a particularly way to cook over a camp fire.

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1995-01D-00A.jpg - The key for cooking successfully anything while camping is to have a good fire, and that means gathering enough combustible material before starting.

1995-01D-0A.jpg - Various jars and recipients around the fire; if you don't have an oven this technique will help you take better advantage of the energy provided by the flames.

1995-01D-01A.jpg - Using aluminium paper to cook over a campfire.

1995-01D-02A.jpg - Aluminium foil can be used to cook or bake almost anything even when you have no more flames coming out of your camp fire.

1995-01D-04A.jpg - Home made bread baked in aluminium foil placed over embers; saying that it has been homemade is a way to put it, for there is no house or home around.


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