Gallery 10009 - Asado At Cerro Lindo

Pictures showing Pablo Edronkin preparing asado, the traditional Argentinean BBQ, in the Andes.

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1994-01A-17.jpg - As the fire in which things will be cooked, Pablo Edronkin starts cutting the meat.

1994-01A-18.jpg - Asado near the snow; back in 1994, during this particular expedition, we decided to prepare asado right during our first day of march upwards.

1994-01A-19.jpg - While we were busy preparing our asado, the wind began blowing like it only does in Patagonia, as it can be seen in the ripples of the lagoon.

1994-01A-20.jpg - In order to prepare asado or barbecue in the mountains you need to have wood close enough to fetch something to burn as fuel.

1994-01A-21.jpg - Pablo Edronkin is seen here distributing the meat cuts for an asado made around a fire and managing the whole thing.

1994-01A-22.jpg - The preparation of our mountain asado, not to mention enjoying it, took us a good part of the afternoon, until we saw the sun falling behind the rocks of Cerro Lindo.

1994-01A-23.jpg - Despite that we prepared a fairly good camp the storm after our mountain asado proved to be much too strong.


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