Gallery 10010 - Gathering, Preparing And Distributing Meals

Gathering, preparing and distributing food in the mountains.

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1994-01B-13A.jpg - Distributing food in a fair way is fundamental in long-duration expeditions in wild regions in order to maintain a good level of social harmony within any group.

1994-01B-14A.jpg - You should remain considerate with the owners of fruit trees found on the sides of any road or trail.

1994-01B-15A.jpg - Gustavo Sakuda with some cherries collected in a farm.

1994-01B-27A.jpg - Dr. Michael Griffin, of La Plata University, seen here at the lake on top of Mount Plataforma as he collected fossils and had lunch at the same time.

1994-01B-29A.jpg - Palaeontologists and GEA explorers having lunch during the third scientific expedition to Mount Plataforma.


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