Practical Uses Of Ponchos

Hands-on, visual examples of the use of ponchos as survival tools.

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1998-02C-14.jpg - With a couple of ponchos it is possible to improvise almost any sort of bivouac even under the worst conditions.

1998-02C-15.jpg - While these might look like corpses, they are in reality survivors.

1999-02A-11.jpg - Getting out of a bivouac after a night of rather lousy weather.

1999-02A-12.jpg - A well camouflaged bivouac.

1999-02A-14.jpg - In order to build this survival bivouac four ponchos were used as the roof.

2001-01A-08A.jpg - Handy waterproof covers improvised with ponchos.

2001-01A-09A.jpg - With a poncho and a pair of wood sticks you can spend a fairly good time under the rain or killing sun.

2001-01A-10A.jpg - With a standard poncho you can cover quite a wide area, as it becomes apparent in the picture.

2001-01A-11A.jpg - Diverse variants of hoods improvised with ponchos.

2001-01A-31A.jpg - A poncho can be used to cover a backpack entirely in order to protect it from the rain.

2000-01A-0A.jpg - Ponchos can also be used to hold together large equipment packages.

2001-01A-00A.jpg - Waiting for the rain to stop with a fire for warmth and a couple of ponchos for protection.

2004-01C-13F.jpg - Ponchos used to insulate sleeping people from soil moisture.

2004-01C-11F.jpg - On the right side of the image a poncho over the ground can be seen; it is being used as tablecloth, so to speak, to separate food from the dust and dirt.

2004-01C-14F.jpg - Another image in which how a poncho is used as table or ground cover is used.

2005-01A-01F.jpg - Ponchos on the ground being used to bring order and classify personal gear and equipment.

2005-01A-09.jpg - Sleeping in the wilderness over ponchos; they are being used as insulation.

2005-01A-10.jpg - People and gear tidily covered with ponchos.

2007-01C-79F.jpg - Gaining a little protection from strong winds while cooking.

2007-01C-66F.jpg - Without a poncho you may web have to sit on the moist ground.


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