Gallery 50001 - Cooking And Eating At The Morrudo / Author: Luciano Marcer

Alternative gourmet culture at Mount Morrudo.

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2000-01A-15A.jpg - Pablo Edronkin and Federico Ferrero preparing a small fire near a log cabin.

2000-01A-16A.jpg - From left to right, Don Pablo Edronkin, Luciano Marcer, Don Federico Ferrero and David Miranda around the campfire prepared for dinner after reaching the first camp on the way to Lake Los Rizos during the 2000 Motoco expedition.

2000-01A-17A.jpg - Getting ready to bake a bit of bread over a small fire.

2000-01A-18A.jpg - A nice place to stop on your way in order to rest and eat something.

2000-01A-19A.jpg - The author preparing the four mix required to make bread; preparing it during the night is usually an arduous task.

2000-01A-20A.jpg - Giving the finishing touches to dinner outside a log cabin.

2000-01A-21A.jpg - A dying fire over which many different recipients as well as aluminium wrappings containing bread to be baked have been placed.

2000-01A-23A.jpg - When you don't have enough water, a little bit of ashes and cooking lard may help.

2000-01A-24A.jpg - Seasoning dinner with oregan at the same time that we try to put so order into our kitchen, so to speak.

2000-01A-25A.jpg - Baking bread over the embers of a fire; notice the aluminium mugs with the mixed flours made into balls inside.

2000-01B-06 - A typical march meal that can be consumed without preparing or warming up anything.

2000-01B-09 - Sometimes in order to have diner you have to find wood to make a fire, and it can be available at strange places only.

2000-01B-17 - From left to right, Don Federico Ferrero, the author of this picture and Don Pablo Edronkin having a hot mate.

2000-01B-18 - David Miranda starting to prepare breakfast.

2000-01B-19 - Breakfast at lake Los Rizos.

2000-01C-06 - A calzone cooked on our stone oven at lake Los Rizos.

2000-01C-07 - A good view of lake Los Rizos as we were having breakfast.

2000-01C-08 - Another view in which this time, Don Pablo Edronkin appears.


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