Travel with us, if you dare... offers you the opportunity to participate in our expeditions, organised thorough The Gea Org, which is our R&D unit.

Of course, you may elect to become a full-member of our group, but not being this option practical in all cases, we also offer this very-low cost service to anybody interested in tasting real adventure, such as in the case of film crews making documentaries, scientists, researchers, and adventurers who just plainly think that the kind of 'adventure travel' offered to tourists worldwide is too soft for them.

These trips are not intended for tourists; they are real expeditions with real expeditionary and research goals, often travelling thorough terrain in which no other humans were ever before.

These groups are not numerous and thus, the availability of places for guests is very limited; we never take more than one guest per three members of our group, mostly for safety reasons.

In such a way, Andinia produces its own editorial written and graphical material for our website and other publications; we also contribute to the making of films, documentaries and research papers by taking along its authors, producers and collaborators.

Lakes in the Andes.
Lake Puelo, in the Southern Andes.

This is not a commercial activity but part of our ongoing research efforts related to expeditions and exploration; thus, each participant should cover his or her costs.

The approximate amount spent on each trip, in the case of Argentina and its surrounding South American countries averages 400 Euros per person (other regions may have other costs); this includes provisions, gear and eventual expenses such as tickets and transportation once in the region, lodging - if applicable at some point, etc.

This does not cover air tickets to and from the region (for example, from Europe to South America and vice versa); visitors should add about 600 to 700 Euros for each air ticket to and from our usual meeting point in Buenos Aires.

If you would like to learn more about how to participate as a guest in one of our expeditions, please send a mail message with your questions to our General Director.

To learn more about the Gea Organisation, please follow this link.

A cold afternoon.
A cold summer afternoon in the Andes.


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